Omni Accounts

Omni Accounts 7.11

Record and stores financial data, analyses it, automatically updates ledgers
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This program provides financial and management accounting services: general ledger, debtors/creditors, inventory control, cash banking. Calculates job costing, manufacturing, multi-warehousing, distribution expenses, foreign currency, the point of sale, has analytical capabilities.

Omni Accounts is a fully integrated system, taking care of all your financial transactions, updating all relevant ledgers automatically. Omni Accounts controls all your customer, supplier, banking, nominal ledger and stock records, whilst at the same time allowing you to produce customer invoices, supplier invoices and all relevant statutory reports such as VAT analysis etc. Additionally, Omni Accounts analyses all your sales, purchases, income and expenses enabling you to determine your profitability and financial status at any time. Omni Accounts is extremely easy to use, yet is deceivingly powerful, with virtually limitless expansion capabilities that can be turned on instantly as and when you need more power. No time-consuming upgrades or data conversions necessary Just switch on and go!!

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